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Dear Customers, 




We appreciate you using delivery services to bring our delicious food to you at home!  We wanted to explain a few things:


We do not have a contract with any delivery service. They are their own entities.  When you place an order with them, you are their customer and we are the third party supplier, as strange as that may sound. The delivery service is our customer. 


If you place an order and need to make a change to it, or let us know that the wait time is too long for your preference, we have no way to help you as your name is not on the order.  The name of the delivery service and the driver are. You will need to call the service you ordered through.


The delivery services are doing a good job and providing a convenience.  They too are short-staffed and at times there are not enough drivers to pick up all the orders being placed. This may result in your order being cancelled even after it has been accepted, as the driver chooses not to wait for the food to be prepared. If your order is canceled, it is not The Brooklyn Bridge who canceled it.


To avoid these issues, the easiest thing is to order from us directly and pick up the food yourselves. If you cannot do this, at least know that we are all - drivers and restaurants - doing our best. 


On weekends, we ask that you please place your order well in advance of when you hope to sit down and eat. There is a 1-1.5 hour wait whether you are using a delivery service or picking up yourself. 


We are operating with 40% of our staff and still strive to make your dining experience enjoyable and memorable. We sincerely appreciate your kindness to our employees and regret any issues you may experience.



La famiglia Correale 🇮🇹



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