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- Our Story -

In 1985, Vince and Bridgette Correale brought a taste of New York to the Memphis area. Along with their sons Louis and Giorgio, and daughter Adelina, they opened a small pizzeria. After moving to their current location on Kirby Parkway in 1987, they expanded the menu to include the traditional dishes that have been passed down through generations of earnest Italian cooks.


Under the guidance of Chef Giorgio, the Brooklyn Bridge became a casual dining, full-service restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine and regional wines.  Chef Giorgio studied at the ACF in Hyde Park, NY and is a graduate of La Maison Meridian.  He also trained in the Abruzzi region of Italy at il Pescara and worked at La Luna Pensione in Ischia, where his maternal grandfather was born and raised.


Now under the care of Vince, Adelina, cousin and chef Barry Sidie, and Daniela Montes, who has worked with the family for 34 years, the Brooklyn Bridge continues to serve Memphis great Italian food in an inviting environment.


La famiglia Correale and staff look forward to serving you.

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